Hypervisor Hardware Compatibility List

This page lists the CPU families that are supported with each release of Citrix Hypervisor.

Vendor CPU Family Codename 7.0.0 7.1.0 CU2 7.6.0 8.0.0 8.1.0
AMD EPYC 7xx2 Zen2 / Rome
Intel Xeon W-21xx Skylake W
Intel Xeon 82xx/62xx/52xx/42xx/32xx Cascade Lake SP ✓¹ ✓¹ ✓¹ ✓¹
Intel E-21xxG/21xx Coffee Lake S
AMD EPYC 7xx1 Zen / Naples
Intel Xeon 81xx/61xx/51xx/41xx/31xx Skylake SP
Intel Xeon E3-12xx v6 Kaby Lake-S
Intel Xeon E3-15xx v5 Skylake-H
Intel Xeon E7-48xx/88xx v4 Broadwell-EX
Intel Xeon D-15xx Broadwell-DE
Intel Xeon E5-46xx/26xx/16xx v4 Broadwell-EP
Intel Xeon E3-12xx v5 Skylake-S
Intel Xeon E3-12xx v4 Broadwell-H
Intel Xeon E7-28xx/48xx/88xx v3 Haswell-EX
AMD Opteron 63xxP Warsaw
Intel Xeon E7-28xx/48xx/88xx v2 Ivy Bridge-EX
Intel Xeon E3-12xx v3 Haswell
Intel Xeon E5-16xx/26xx v3 Haswell-EP
Intel Xeon E5-46xx v3 Haswell EP-4S
AMD Opteron 23xx/83xx Barcelona
AMD Opteron 13xx Budapest
AMD Opteron 23xx/83xx Shanghai
AMD Opteron 24xx/84xx Istanbul
AMD Opteron 41xx Lisbon
AMD Opteron 61xx Magny Cours
AMD Opteron 43xx Seoul
AMD Opteron 63xx Abu Dhabi
Intel Xeon 53xx Clovertown
Intel Xeon 54xx Harpertown
Intel Xeon 73xx Tigerton
Intel Xeon 74xx Dunnington
Intel Xeon 55xx Nehalem
Intel Xeon 56xx Westmere-EP
Intel Xeon 65xx/75xx Nehalem-EX
Intel Xeon E3-12xx Sandy Bridge
Intel Xeon E3-12xx v2 Ivy Bridge
Intel Xeon E5-16xx/26xx v2 Ivy Bridge-EP
Intel Xeon E5-46xx v2 Ivy Bridge EP-4S
Intel Xeon E5-14xx/24xx v2 Ivy Bridge-EN
AMD Opteron 42xx Valencia
AMD Opteron 62xx Interlagos
Intel Xeon E7-28xx/48xx/88xx Westmere-EX
Intel Xeon E5-16xx/26xx/46xx Sandy Bridge-EP
Intel Xeon E5-24xx Sandy Bridge-EN

1 Note: 32-bit PV guests are not currently supported with this CPU.